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Meal Plans

Initial Consultation + Meal Plan

First up, we'll talk about your goals and concerns. What is your main nutrition and lifestyle goal? What do you want to get out of the meal plan? Or is a meal plan actually right for you?


After discussing your initial goals and concerns, I will ask you a diverse range of questions relating to your health history, dietary patterns, physical activity and lifestyle choices. This is so that I can get to you know you and all the many facets of your life, which not surprisingly, are all intertwined in our nutritional status and relationship with food.

Next, we will talk about how the meal plan works. It's not like any meal plan you've had before! It's flexible meaning instead of telling you what to eat for every meal of every day (and you having to stick to it), I give you 18 different meal/recipe options that are all interchangeable and customised to your specific nutrition, cooking and lifestyle requirements. This allows you to pick and choose what you eat each day (like real life!!) and ensures the plan is realistic and sustainable! - which is very important for building long term habits and seeing long term results.

But what happens after the plan? You can't only eat 18 recipes for the rest of your life... Which is why you'll learn how to build your own balanced meals, specific to your individual requirements, with examples for home, takeaway and eating out. You will walk away from this session knowing exactly what you need to do, feeling prepared and supported to reach your goals.

Initial Consultation + Meal Plan $140

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